Nanotechnology And Cleaning: A Match Made In Heaven

Cleaning is a tough affair. Anyone who mentions otherwise has probably never touched the cleaning cloth and the bucket of water. It comes across as no surprise when anything that makes cleaning easier is a hit among the masses. We all love having a good time and more often than not, the good time goes awry due to the cleaning part one has to do in houses. Not just residences, but commercial spaces also face the same problem. They need to keep their

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Using Our Antimicrobial Coating In Medical Facilities

Medical facilities or hospitals are some of the most important institutions in our society. There are several things that should be maintained in a medical facility. But, the most important thing is cleanliness and hygiene. Maintaining a medical facility's hygiene is no easy task. It needs a lot of manpower and time invested regularly. Our nanotechnology based antimicrobial coating is an innovation that will come

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Why Our Nanotechnology Is Better Than Traditional Methods?

Nanotechnology is the new global rage and for all the right reasons! There are several uses of the nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide that can be considered as innovative and green. We are TitanPE Technologies and we are one of the premier nanotechnology products suppliers. Our nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide is one of the finest innovations we have made that has the potential of changing the dynamics of several systems. Our titanium dioxide can be used as a coating in commercial and residential

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Why Use Our Odor Elimination Technique?

Odors are of various kinds, pleasant and painful. The pleasant smells take us on a trip to our happy place, but the pungent ones make it tough for everyone around. Generally, these odors or smells come from the chemicals in the air. For instance, the tacky smell you will get when you enter a public toilet is of ammonia. Odor elimination becomes highly essential when something like this is considered. However, the traditional methods can't do much to eradicate the odor and keep it at bay for a

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Nitrous Oxide Emission Treatment Overview | TiPE

A brief idea on Nitrous Oxide

For those who have taken their science classes a tad bit seriously, nitrous oxide is a familiar name. Commonly known as laughing gas, it has a lot of legit uses that has bettered the chances of using this gas. It is used during medical procedures to numb the pain and also in engines to increase the power output. When it is inhaled by purpose or mistake, it leads your brain into a state of euphoria and relaxation. This pleasurable impact is responsible for

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Advantages of Using a Nano Self-Cleaning Coating

With advancement in technology, there are several areas that are developing. Slowly, but gradually, we are moving towards a better future. One of the best gifts that the modern day technology has gven us is the nanotechnology. Innovations like nano self-cleaning coating can be really helpful in reducing human efforts and keeping the environment clean as well. It is just a matter of time that these innovative endeavors take

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